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The Workforce Wise Podcast from Equifax Workforce Solutions helps employers save time, reduce risk and increase profits. Our experts and industry leaders reveal insightful human capital solutions for HR, payroll, tax and compliance needs. Listen now and get empowered to deliver immediate value to your organization.
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I-9 Enforcement on the Rise: Learn How to Help Prevent a Costly Surprise
Webinar: I-9 Enforcement on the Rise: Learn How to Help Prevent a Costly Surprise
HR Checklist for I-9 Enforcement
This checklist guides you through steps you can take today to help start getting your I-9 processes in shape.
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Dual Value of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) can be a valuable tool to help you increase your organization’s income through hi ...
WOTC: Fact vs. Fiction
We’ve busted six (6) of the biggest WOTC myths that could stop you from maximizing your savings. You might think that a ...
Proven WOTC Best Practices for Day 1 Success
Get with the knowledge you need to help break down the barriers that could be stopping your organization from capturing ...
White Papers
With Workforce Enforcement Increasing, I-9 Compliance is Essential
Over the past year, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has communicated that one of its top priorities is immigrat ...
4 Steps to Help Get Your Off-Site I-9s Done Right
View this on-demand FREE online educational seminar with I-9 experts from Equifax Workforce Solutions. We focus on best ...
I-9 Audits are Increasing. Get the Guide to Help You Survive
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is increasing its employer audits.? Every company needs a completed Form I-9 f ...
Getting Employees On Board with Off-Site I-9s
Get the Guide to Make I-9 Completion Easier Anywhere You Have New Hires Is your company’s workforce spread across the U. ...
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Jason Fry
Senior Director of Product Management
Jason has nearly 20 years of experience in pre-employment regulatory compliance law. Before Equifax he worked for the IRS, the Clayton County Solicitor General’s Office and for a private civil litigation law firm.


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